V2 Readers & Therapists

At Heart Of Jewels we offer a variety of Readers and Therapists to help support you with any challenges.
Call us today or drop in for a chat and we can help advise you on which Therapist may best meet your needs.

Julie - Holistic Soul Healings / Counseling

Available Wednesday 9am - 4pm or throughout week via booking


Please contact Heart of Jewels Crystal Shop to make a booking with Julie.


$120 / 1 hour
As a trained psychotherapist, Julie has had vast experience in assisting people on the emotional and mental levels with stressful situations.

Through trust and a feeling of safety, a person can gently work with their own innate healer to slowly build a loving relationship with themselves. This starts with the self and then overflows to all relationships outside of oneself.

Holistic REIKI Soul Healing

$120 / 1 hour 15 mins
A Holistic REIKI Soul Healing assists in clearing deep seated emotional wounding. Through the use of hands-on healing, crystals, colour, energy sprays, Julie combines these with REIKI. This approach gently clears and releases energetic blockages in the physical and etheric bodies.

A Soul Healing creates a harmonious balance with the body, mind, and soul. Creating a sense of well-being.

Selenite Sword Light Body Activation

$60 / 20 mins
With this technique, you receive direct light and unconditional love which uplifts the bodies energetic field, clearing imprints and patterning from the chakra's and meridians.

This Light Body Activation re-aligns and re-balances giving a sense of inner peace, releasing all that no longer serves on an energetic field. A very profound and grounded experience.

Chakra Balance

$40 / 15 mins
A Chakra session combines Energy Sprays and muscle testing, showing us where and what the body needs to be brought back into balance. It is especially effective when a person is feeling out of sorts and may not be sure of why.

If this speaks to you please give us a call (07 5580 0070) or email us (julie.heartofjewels.com.au) for an appointment.

Sending love and light,
Hope to speak and meet with you soon.

Brian – Psychic / Medium

Available Monday (9am - 4pm) and Saturday (9am - 1pm)
Services: $120 / 1 hour or $70 / 30 mins
Please contact Heart of Jewels Crystal Shop to make a booking with Brian.
Brian is a well known Reader up on the Sunshine Coast and has supported many individuals moving through difficult situations needing guidance and direction.
With over 20 years experience both here in Australia and overseas, Brian is a Professional Psychic, Medium, Life Coach and Intuitive Healer.

He also works with couples offering guidance and support to move forward, which given the way the world at this time many of us are feeling the need for change without knowing what or how to be supported through these changing times.

With being a psychic medium Brian does not use cards, he connects directly with your energy and those around you.

All psychic readings are based on where you are at the moment and what the most likely outcome you can expect. However also understand every person has free will to change where they are and turn their life around.

If this speaks to you please give us a call (07 5580 0070) or email us (julie.heartofjewels.com.au) for an appointment.

Pete – Medium / Readings

Available Tuesday 9.30am - 4pm


Reading: $120 / 1 hour or $70 / 30 mins

Please contact Heart of Jewels Crystal Shop to make a booking with Pete. 

Pete is a natural born empath with the ability to channel past loved ones both in human and animal form. With a love of people and animals her affinity to connect has helped many people in their grief.

With 15 years experience using an array of tools developed over many years has created deep wisdom, insight and a passion that comes directly from her heart. This shows up in her natural ability when providing readings to people that help support and lift everyone to whom she reads for.

Pete's amazing gift of empathically tuning into the energetic field allows her the ability to not only feel, but to see and sense the unfolding of one’s story both told and untold.

A reading with Pete encases a feeling of being held and supported while also healing and uplifted.

If this speaks to you please give us a call (07 5580 0070) or email us (julie.heartofjewels.com.au) for an appointment.

Jill - Intuitive Dragon Reader

Available Thursday 9am - 4pm


Services: $120 / 1 hour or $70 / 30 mins

Please contact Heart of Jewels Crystal Shop to make a booking with Jill. 

Jill has an Intuitive Connection with Snakes & Dragons which began in 2002 as an Active Volunteer Wildlife Carer.

Through these experiences with these Reptiles, Jill found herself growing spiritually and intuitively, and was able to pick up and receive messages from these ancient beings which were in her care.

Through these experience Jill found herself connecting at a deep conscious level working in the physical realms but also in the metaphysical.

This evolved in working with Snakes and Dragon Lizards at Psychic Fairs and Witches Expos, as well as markets enabling Jill to tap into peoples Higher Selves receiving Guidance from the spirit of Dragons.

These ancient creatures that guide and support Jill when giving a personal reading/healing with people are a living presence that connect her to the world of spirit. These beings are an integral part of Jills every life.

Jill also offer Crystal Head Massages - using crystals, intention and the energy of Jills gentle soft loving hands, is a very nurturing and self loving experience. This healing process takes you into another reality supporting your connection with your mind, body and heart. An experience not to be missed!

If this speaks to you please give us a call (07 5580 0070) or email us (julie.heartofjewels.com.au) for an appointment.

Taralei  - Energy Therapy / Hypnotherapy / Empowerment Coaching +

Available Thursdays, Fridays and by appointment.
Please contact Heart of Jewels Crystal Shop to make a booking with Taralei.

To quote Taralei: "You already have all the solutions within you, I just help you find them!"

Taralei has always had a passion for human & planetary health, with an unwavering belief that every single person has an intrinsic right to live in a safe, nurturing environment and, not to just survive but, to thrive! Knowing that we are all intrinsicly and divinely connected and interwoven is one of Taralei's main motivations and the passion upon which she has founded her life. Taralei is focused on being of service to humanity, encouraging open-mindedness as well as community spirit and unity, doing her best to raise the vibrational frequency of this dimension and reality into harmony and Utopia for all.

Taralei applies a holistic approach to all sessions, which are all conducted within a safe, gentle, nurturing and unbiased space, giving utmost adherence to Practitioner/Client confidentiality, supporting you to achieve the goals you most desire for yourself, and helping to facilitate you living your own truth & to live to your fullest potential, having cleared and activated the channels with your Soul Source, Passion and Purpose!

Energetic Dialysis
$120 - 40 minutues includes Personalised Elixir.
Filtering and removing heavy, stuck and 'residual' imprints in your energy field that are holding you back, to allow your whole system to recalibrate to a higher, lighter frequency.
Pleiadian Light Energy Activations
$88 - 1 hour / $299 - 4 x 1 hour sessions.
Facilitating you unlocking and learning to utilise your Divine Cosmic Ka to clear and reprogramme your own energy, heal and raise your vibrational frequency. 
$80 - 30 minutues / $140 - 1 hour / $160 - 1.5 hours.
To put you in a deeply relaxed state enabling direct communication with your subconsious to bring about your desired dynamic and powerful change quickly.
$60 - 30 minutues / $100 - 1 hour
Specific and direct customised communication with your subconscious (not using hypnotherapy) to promote positive change quickly. Also great for perfomance enhancement. 
Self-Empowerment Coaching
$666 - 6 sessions / $1,111 - 12 sessions.
Who do you look to for guidance and support? Are their thoughts, words and deeds congruent and compatible with what you would like to embody for, and within, yourself? These packages are designed to provide you with discernment, clarity, support, courage and external accountability to help you achieve your desired goals, & to continue in success on your journey.
Note - these packages include an initial 1.5 hour session, plus a bonus discount of 40% off any of the other modalities Taralei facilitate's and are booked within the coaching period.

If this speaks to you please give us a call (07 5580 0070) or email us (julie.heartofjewels.com.au) for an appointment.

Julie H - Soulistic Readings

Available Fridays 9am - 4pm


Services: $120 / 1 hour or $70 / 30 mins

Please contact Heart of Jewels Crystal Shop to make a booking with Jill. 

Jiulie strongly believes in the interconnectedness between our energetic, emotional and physical wellbeing. Through her life experiences Julie has struggled with doubt, pain, anxiety and grief. Throughout the depths of loss and grief, Julie's intuition readiated the certainty that these negative emotions would pass and transfer into boundless positive potential. Through these experiences Julie has connected, and works closely, with the Angelic Spiritual Plane.

All Oracle and Taro Cards are divinely blessed and guided to support and uncover the magic of the unknown we all have within us. The oracle messages unfold in form of colours, symbols, words, illustrations, numbers or mantras. Your uniqueness is made from you and your energies and three important physical, psychological and spiritual components.

If you find yourself in a situation or an issue where you feel stuck or torn, angelic Tarot and Oracle Readings can help support you in uncovering the answers and guiadance you seek from your inner being.

If you are drawn or resonate with my words, you are welcome to pop in and have a chat with me directly about what I offer in a Session. There is no limitation to teh wisdom and enlightenment of Soulistic messages.

If this speaks to you please give us a call (07 5580 0070) or email us (julie.heartofjewels.com.au) for an appointment.

Melissa – Kinesiology

Available Fridays by appointment only.

Services: $120 / 1.5 hours
Please contact Heart of Jewels Crystal Shop to make a booking with Melissa.

Melissa is passionate about working with Kinesiology to help people recalibrate their whole body system & bring the body back into balance.

Using the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) with touch healing & talk therapy, Melissa will assist in shifting energy in your body & work with you to identify any blocks. 

Melissa began her journey with a Diploma of Health Science before being strongly drawn towards the energy movement side of healing, from there she completed a one year conscious practitioner course, consolidating her knowledge & learning in depth about the body’s innate healing ability, applying holistic psychology, kinesiology, TCM as well as touch healing.

These sessions are gentle & create a safe, caring space for your own personal growth. She assists you in uncovering the real you & helps to bring you back into your power.

If this speaks to you please give us a call (07 5580 0070) or email us (julie.heartofjewels.com.au) for an appointment.

Julie Marsh - Kinesiologist / Health & Wellness Practioner

Available by appointment only 
Please contact Julie Marsh directly on 0432 233 464 to make a booking.

With over 15 years’ experience as a Kinesiologist, Julie offers a loving, caring, safe, nurturing environment for you to hear your own innate intelligence and empowers you with the skills to take control of your own health and wellness.
Julie’s passion is to empower people to heal and grow.

Julie does this by using Kinesiology as a tool to talk to your body. YOUR body is amazing and can heal itself, and we just need to listen to it and give it space to adjust back into health and vitality. Kinesiology can help release any form of stress – emotional/mental, environmental, nutritional, energetic, or spiritual blockages. Julie also uses Live Blood Analysis to look inside your body and assess how your body is physically. This analysis can be used to address lifestyle changes that your body may need on a physical level. Together, you and Julie create a Health and Wellness plan to empower you to achieve your goals.

Live Blood Analysis

Initial Consultations $120 - 1 Hour / $80.00 - 30 Minutes

In this session we look inside your body & see what nutritional requirements you may need.  

Kinesiology Sessions

$120.00 - 1 Hour / $170 - 1.5 Hour

One on one Kinesiology sessions to release the emotional/mental, physical, environmental, energetic & spiritual blockages that are holding you back from optimal health, vitality & from achieving your dreams & goals.  


Initial Consultations including Live Blood Analysis $120.00 - 1 Hour

Advice & suggestions on all nutritional needs & requirements eg: weight loss, weight gain, physical performance, lifestyle adjustments & anything to do with nutrition. 

Gut Health Restoration

$60.00 - 30 minutes

Testing & analysis of gut health issues with the leading gut specialists in Australia. Full reports & nutritional advice on how to maintain or re-balance your gut flora.  

Julie’s qualifications: Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences, Diploma in Health Science, Diploma in Kinesiology, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Level 1 Calligraphy Health Practitioner (Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong), 3rd year Nutrition and Dietetics Student.

If this speaks to you please call Julie Marsh directly on 0432 233 464 for your life changing appointment.

Kira – Massage Therapist

Available throughout week via booking


Massage: $120 / 1-1.5 hours

Please contact Heart of Jewels Crystal Shop to make a booking with Kira. 

Kira is a well known Massage Therapist who works to bring the body, mind and spirit back into synchronicity and balance.

Most of the time it is not about an arm, shoulder or neck that hurts - unless a direct injury has occurred, it is about the whole being out of sync and treating someone's shoulder often corrects the hip imbalance. Where there is inflammation there is pain and if left untreated then results in dis-ease.

"As a child and into my adult years I competed with horses professionally as well as training and undoing mental and physical damage that had been inflicted by a human. The complication being that they cannot speak, but this only taught me to hone my skills in listening deeply with my hands, to find where the problem was. that led down the path of Equine Therapy which to this day I still treat horses here on the Gold Coast."

For the past 22 years, Kira has qualified in Bowtech Therapy, Remedial Massage Therapy, Trigger Point, Shiatsu, Specialised Stretch and Strengthen Therapy, Reflexology and years spent in the health industry working with people and nutritional health. She combines all these modalities in her treatment sessions with clients.

For over 30 years Kira has been coaching people to use food as their medicine thereby enhancing their health and vitality and even their emotional blockages where diet is concerned.

If this speaks to you please give us a call (07 5580 0070) or email us (julie.heartofjewels.com.au) for an appointment.