About Us

Here at Heart of Jewels we offer a place for you to come & enjoy the ambience and feel at Home. To truly feel this come and experience it for yourself.

We offer quality service with genuine staff who truly care. The energy and staff combined creates a safe place when feeling emotionally drained or just needing to feel uplifted.

Our trained staff offer support to all those seeking to find their own truth. True empowerment lies within each and everyone of us.

Heart of Jewels was opened with the soul intention of creating an environment that allows people to be able to be themselves. To drop their guard and feel safe. For this purpose every product has been chosen for the benefits it provides to people.

Whether or not you are open to spirituality all are welcome and there are exquisite crystals for everyone. Just being amongst the crystals can assist in alleviating Emotional, Mental and Physical turmoil. When you are drawn to a particular crystal or gem you are buying more than a piece of jewellery, you are buying a piece of mind. The healing characteristic attributed to the different crystals can be phenomenal. Instinctively you are drawn to the energy and it is never by coincidence.