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$120 / 1 hour
As a trained psychotherapist, Julie has had vast experience in assisting people on the emotional and mental levels with stressful situations.

Through trust and a feeling of safety, a person can gently work with their own innate healer to slowly build a loving relationship with themselves. This starts with the self and then overflows to all relationships outside of oneself.

Holistic REIKI Soul Healing

$120 / 1 hour 15 mins
A Holistic REIKI Soul Healing assists in clearing deep seated emotional wounding. Through the use of hands-on healing, crystals, colour, energy sprays, Julie combines these with REIKI. This approach gently clears and releases energetic blockages in the physical and etheric bodies.

A Soul Healing creates a harmonious balance with the body, mind, and soul. Creating a sense of well-being.

Selenite Sword Light Body Activation

$60 / 20 mins
With this technique, you receive direct light and unconditional love which uplifts the bodies energetic field, clearing imprints and patterning from the chakra’s and meridians.

This Light Body Activation re-aligns and re-balances giving a sense of inner peace, releasing all that no longer serves on an energetic field. A very profound and grounded experience.

Chakra Balance

$40 / 15 mins
A Chakra session combines Energy Sprays and muscle testing, showing us where and what the body needs to be brought back into balance. It is especially effective when a person is feeling out of sorts and may not be sure of why.

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