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Amazonite Hearts

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Glimmering blue-green in its hues, Amazonite echoes with ancient tales, jungle magic, and the sweeping flow of one of the world’s most mystical rivers. These hearts contain all of the soothing magic that Amazonite tumbles, towers and rough crystals possess in a smaller cut form. Shining these hearts in the sun, you can see the intricate nature-made "rivers" flowing throughout the pieces. Each one is truly an art piece in itself!

While crystal healing is an amazing way to boost your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, Amazonite also brings a range of physical healing benefits to the table. The chilled-out vibes of Amazonite can help to balance out thyroid problems. For those who struggle with a calcium deficiency, Amazonite can effectively help the body to absorb calcium better, bringing a dose of dreamy vitality back to your bones. Along with boosting bone health, higher calcium levels can also help the hair grow shiny and strong.

An extremely soothing stone, this Amazonite Pendant calms the brain and the nervous system, aligning the physical with the etheric  will help to maintain optimal health. As a bonus its filtering system will protect one from electromagnetic pollution.


average weight - 23 grams to 41 grams

average size - 6 cm  x  5.5 cm  2 cm


Disclaimer: Crystals are not to be substituted for the advise given by any Medical Profession.