We sell a range of products to support a variety of people with differing needs. Our product range is about supporting people on a metaphysical level as well as the Emotional, Mental, and Physical.


A wide range of Tumbled, Natural Large & small, animal shapes crystals.

Crystal Jewellery

Exquisive Stirling Silver Jewellery at affordable prices, earings, pendants, rings and bracelets.

Incense and Smudge Sticks

Sticks and Cones

Oils and Perfume

A range of smells that can alleviate and de-fuse stress related issues. Great for adults and children alike.

Self-help Books

A selected range of the most popular books vary depending on demand.

Oracle & Tarot Cards

A large range of beautifully illustrated cards.


For relaxation, meditation or just music to listen to, all of these can help de-stress from daily living.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

A variety of shapes and sizes available, a great way to create a relaxing ambient atmosphere in your home or office space.

Fragrant Lamps / De-Fuser Lamps Electrical

Beautifully crafted stained glass Fragrant Lamps which kill bacteria, dust mites and 99% of mould spores. As well as electrical De-Fusers which are a fantastic way to keep germs away at any time of the year.

Singing Bowls

Beautiful singing/sound bowls which make great gifts or for clearing stagnant energy in your home.

Aura Sprays

Amazing sprays which help with clearing negativity in and around the environment. We have a great range, come and try the testers feel for yourself the difference.


Local Artist Christine Cooper has a beautiful range of paintings that just mesmerise and speak to your soul.