Readers & Therapists

At Heart Of Jewels we offer a variety of Readers and Therapists to help support you with any challenges.
Call us today or drop in for a chat and we can help advise you on which Therapist may best meet your needs.

Julie - Holistic Soul Healings

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As a trained psychotherapist Julie has had vast experience in assisting people on the emotional and mental levels with stressful situations which when left unresolved...

Holistic REIKI Soul Healing
A Holistic REIKI Soul Healing assists in clearing deep seated emotional wounding. Using Crystals, Colour, Energy Sprays, combined with REIKI, aids in gently releasing and clearing blockages in the physical and etheric bodies.

A Soul Healing creates a harmonious balance with the body, mind, and soul. Creating a sense of well-being.

Selenite Sword Light Body Activation
This technique uplifts the bodies energetic field, clearing imprints and patterning from the chakra's and meridians.

This Light Body Activation re-aligns and re-balances giving a sense of inner peace, releasing all that no longer serves on an energetic field. A very profound and grounded experience.

Jason - Psychic Medium

Jason is a well-known psychic medium that has been based at Mt Tamborine & Gold Coast now for almost 20 years conducting readings and healing sessions.

As a teenager, Jason noticed that his dreams started turning into realities usually within a week which he thought was a bit strange but pushed it aside until one day when he was riding to school with his mate something just ‘clicked’ and he forced his friend to get off the footpath then seconds later a vehicle rounded the corner way too fast and ended up on its roof right where Jason’s friend was riding. From that day forward, Jason knew that he had to act on these premonitions.

20 years later Jason’s clients come from all different walks of life, due to word of mouth from all over the east coast of Australia thanks to his accuracy and unique style of readings, combining tarot and angel cards whilst also using mediumship and sometimes energy work if needed.

So if you feel a connection to Jason, you will leave feeling confident that you have gained insight to whatever future endeavours you hold and having direction with your questions fulfilled that you have bought to the table.

Julie Marsh – Kinesiologist and Health and Wellness Practitioner

Contact Julie on 0432 233 464 to book your life-changing appointment.

With over 15 years’ experience as a Kinesiologist, Julie offers a loving, caring, safe, nurturing environment for you to hear your own innate intelligence and empowers you with the skills to take control of your own health and wellness.
Kinesiology can help release any form of stress – emotional/mental, environmental, nutritional, energetic, or spiritual blockages. Julie also uses Live Blood Analysis to look inside your body and assess how your body is physically.

This analysis can be used to address lifestyle changes that your body may need on a physical level. Together, you and Julie create a Health and Wellness plan to empower you to achieve your goals.
Julie’s qualifications: Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences, Diploma in Health Science, Diploma in Kinesiology, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Level 1 Calligraphy Health Practitioner (Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong), 3rd-year Nutrition and Dietetics Student.

Julie’s passion is to empower people to heal and grow. She does this by using Kinesiology as a tool to talk to your body. YOUR body is amazing and can heal itself, and we just need to listen to it and give it space to adjust back into health and vitality.